What Are Promo Codes?

Promo Codes are created by many website owners, usually as an incentive to
join their website.
Typically, Promo codes can be redeemed for Ad bonuses such as Website traffic,
Banner Ads, Text ads or in some cases cash as well.
Many also offer combinations.

How Do I Redeem Promo Codes to Get Ads to Promote My Website?

The instructions vary but typically, after you join a traffic source you would then
enter your supplied promo code into an area where the site will automatically
add your Ads to your account.

What Are Credits?

If a Site Owner offers website credits in his/her Promo Code offer, it generally
means Ad credits for Website page views, banner impressions, etc.
Credits are typically represented as 1 credit = 1 Ad view but every site can vary.

Are There Monthly Fees?

There are no monthly fees at Truck Load of Ads.
Once you have paid the small Activation fee and fully activate your account, you can
enjoy access to exclusive promo codes for thousands of quality ads in multiple sources.
Also, as we continue to grow and feature more Promo Codes, you will be able
to continue redeeming them as well!

Do You Offer An Affiliate Program?

Yes we do!
We offer 50% Affiliate commissions on purchases made by your Direct referrals.

I am A Site Owner. Can I add a Promo Code Offer?

Inside, only Upgraded members can become Site Owners and you have the option
of adding up to 5 websites with 1 Promo Code for each.

I Have Just Created My Promo Code Offer. How Long Does Ad Approval Take

Not long at all.
We check every ad before it goes live in order to ensure it meets our quality guidelines.
Generally, you should expect to see your ad approved within 24 hours or sooner.

Can I Edit or Change My Promo Code Ad?

Yes you can!
Please keep in mind that all changes to your ad will also require approval and must
meet our rules/guidelines as outlined inside.